This Laptop Sleeve Will Keep Your Laptop Safe and Paperwork Organised

This Laptop Sleeve Will Keep Your Laptop Safe and Paperwork Organised
Black OneNine5 Laptop sleeve. Photograph: OneNine5

In this review of the OneNine5 Eco-Conscious 13" Laptop Sleeve, we will be giving the lowdown on their laptop sleeve to see what it has to offer.

Does this brand live up to its eco-friendly promise? Will their laptop sleeve provide organisation for your paperwork and keep your laptop safe on to go?

You’ll have to read on to find out…or just read our quick summary 

Transparency: All the images used within this blog are taken from the One Nine 5 Eco Essentials Pouch product page. I have contacted the brand regarding this blog post however I have not heard back from them; all views expressed within this blog are my own.
Four colours of OneNine5's Laptop sleeve. Photograph: OneNine5



One Nine 5 Eco-Conscious 13" Laptop Sleeve is my go to laptop sleeve which I have taken to both university and work.


  • Made with vegan materials
  • Internal pocket to hold paperwork and a business card
  • Packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or made from recycled materials.
  • Water resistant design
  • UK Return-to-Recycle scheme
  • Range of 4 colour options.


  • Will not fit larger laptops
  • Large sheets of paperwork pocket may get caught in the zip.
MacBook being put into OneNine5's Laptop sleeve. Photograph: OneNine5

What Materials Is The One Nine 5's Eco-Conscious 13" Laptop Sleeve Made From?

The outside of the One Nine 5's Eco Essential pouch is made from a durable, vegan leather. The durable material is Polyurethane (PU leather); while this is a form of plastic the brand explains in their frequently asked questions (FAQ) that they felt this material was the most durable and long lasting option. The inner lining of the sleeve is made from 100% recycled Polyester (rPET), with a Coconut Coir & Natural Rubber Latex padding to keep your laptop safe from accidental drops.

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What Are The Dimensions of the One Nine 5's Eco-Conscious 13" Laptop Sleeve?

One Nine 5 provide the dimensions on their website for the laptop sleeve. The brand says the following which I have verified myself using my own Eco-Conscious 13" Laptop Sleeve.

(H x L x W): 25.5 x 35 x 2cm

OneNine5's Laptop sleeve being opened. Photograph: OneNine5

What is The UK Return-to-Recycle Scheme?

One Nine 5 offer a free UK return to recycle scheme in partnership with TerraCycle. One Nine 5 says this helps to "ensure that all materials from the items you return are either reused or recycled." The brand explains that they only offer pre-paid shipping to those based in the UK. However anyone outside the UK who wants to return a product for recycling can cover the shipping costs. One Nine 5 say that UK and international users of their return to recycle scheme will be provided with a 25% off discount code for your next purchase.

How To Organise The Eco-Conscious 13" Laptop Sleeve

  • The Eco-Conscious 13" Laptop Sleeve features a document divider and a card holder to carry a business card or credit debit card.

• Sleeve - Space to put your laptop of choice or iPad.

• Internal Divider - Space to put sheets of paper or a small notebook of A5/A6 size. Make sure the paper fits with ample space to avoid it getting caught in the zip.

• Card holder - Carry a business card, credit/debit card or a card with your name on it to tell others this belongs to you.

Primo Natura's Thoughts

I have the laptop sleeve in black however, the brand offers grey, pink and blue options. I use the sleeve to keep my laptop safe when I am commuting between home and work, as well as carry the occasional small amount of paperwork. While my rucksacks offer a padded protective area for a laptop or iPad I appreciate the additional padding this sleeve offers, which is sought after since one of my rucksacks fits a 16" laptop, and my current one is 13".

Despite having used the laptop sleeve for over a year, the outer material is easy to clean with a none abrasive method as the company recommends. This will help to retain the premium feel. The zip opens and closes with ease and has a helpful circle on the pull tab allowing you to wrap a finger around it. Unlike most laptop sleeves which open from the top, the One Nine 5 sleeve opens along the top and down the side. This feature allows easier access to grab your device of choice and slide paperwork in or see what paperwork is inside. Inside the sleeve there is a card holder with an embedded message. Personally my job does not involve carrying business cards however, you could include contact details incase the sleeve was lost/stolen.

OneNine5's Laptop sleeve on a table. Photograph: OneNine5


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