About Primo Natura

A majority of individuals, around 62%, actively look for products that are sustainable when deciding what to purchase. However, determining what exactly constitutes a sustainable product can sometimes be challenging due to the presence of misleading information. It is important to differentiate between brands genuinely dedicated to environmental conservation and those that engage in greenwashing tactics to create a false sense of eco-friendliness.

Similarly, staying informed by constantly consuming negative news can be overwhelming. While it's crucial to be aware of setbacks, recognising progress can be difficult. Primo Natura helps solve this by curating a daily news feed about our changing environment & climate. By sourcing information from reputable global news outlets, we simplify the process of tracking advancements worldwide from the comfort of your home. We ensure at-least the last two articles are optimistic, helping end your day on a high note. Though we consistently surpass this target.

Since our launch in May 2022, we have shared over 3,800 articles to over 1,000 followers on Mastodon and written guides, DIY, and shared uplifting news through our blog.

Our aim is to highlight the ongoing changes and attribute positive outcomes happening worldwide. Because every step we take is a step in the right direction

Primo Natura also captures the essence of the British and Scottish countryside. Using Pixelfed (an alternative to Instagram) I share pictures of wildlife, flora, fauna and whatever I come across on my travels. For many years I struggled to find a love for reading which is why I use Bookwrym (an alternative to Goodreads) to track my progress. This allows me to list all the books I would like to read and leave feedback helping people like you decide what your next book should be. Most books are climate/environmental related though I enjoy technology-based ones.

Share ideas and collaborate through our privacy respecting platform Matrix. There you'll find a small friendly community talking about the environment and other SFW (Safe for Work) discussions.