Wild Natural Deodorant a 2024 Review

Wild's mission is to avoid millions of bathroom products being thrown away, so far, Wild has diverted over 351,000 kg of plastic from potentially entering landfills.

Wild Natural Deodorant a 2024 Review

The UK deodorant market is estimated to be worth £396.4 million in 2022, growing 14.5% year-on-year, with Sure and Dove dominating half the market. Despite their overarching dominance, Mintel said 51% of Brits who haven’t used natural deodorants are interested in using them.

Transparency: All the images used within this blog are taken from the Wild Deodorants product page. All views expressed within this blog are my own.
Wild Deodorant Ocean Mist. Photograph: Wild


Wild Deodorant has been my everyday deodorant for the last two years, as well as my parents. We have tried a range of scents over the years, including some of their limited time ones. Here are my current opinions after two years of use.


  • Vegan formula
  • Aluminium Free
  • Packaging is biodegradable and recyclable
  • Range of case colours
  • Sensitive deodorant refills
  • Wide selection of scents
  • B-Corporation


  • If you really like a limited time scent (once they are gone they are gone)
  • If you do not wish to pay an upfront cost for their durable deodorant case.
Wild Deodorant Thunderstorm. Photograph: Wild

Who Is Wild?

Wild are a certified B-Corporation producing deodorant, with newer products including a body wash, lip balm, and barred soap, since the brand's initial launch in 2020. Wild supports a wide range of charities and supports tree planting initiatives. Wilds mission is to prevent millions of bathroom products from being thrown away. To date, Wild has diverted over 351,000 kg of plastic from potentially entering landfills.

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What is a B-Corporation?

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

How Do Wild Minimise Waste?

All of Wild's products can be refilled into durable aluminium cases available in a range of colours. Last year, Wild redesigned their reusable deodorant aluminium case which is easier to recycle and uses 20% less plastic and 16.5% less
while holding the same amount of product. Wild says these changes have reduced the product's weight by 18.4% and made the case more compact.

Every wild deodorant is individually packed into a recyclable and compostable case manufactured from bamboo pulp to hold the deodorant, allows the packaging to be composted or recycled with paper or card. Wild claims that their choice of materials has prevented up to 150 tonnes of waste from going into landfills.

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Wild Cases

Wild produces a range of standard coloured cases, with unique designs released alongside their limited time scents. Personally, I opted for black, but my dad has blue and my mum has purple. Wild offers engraving for extra personalisation for £5.

Wild Scents

Wild deodorant is vegan, gluten-free and formulated without aluminium. Aluminium is a core component in antiperspirants, which block the pores to prevent you from sweating. There have been numerous studies on the harms this could pose; however, there has been little conclusive evidence.

Each Wild refill is £6 however lower prices are available if you sign up to a subscription. Each purchase must contain multiples of 3 to save CO2 and optimise their packaging, which helps to avoid waste. Alternatively, Wild is available in certain supermarket chains, including Tesco and Sainsbury's, although the selection of scents may be limited.

Wild offers classic scents, which are available all year round, such as Sandalwood & Patchouli or my current refill Thunderstorm. Wild offers most of their classic scents in a sensitive range which removes baking soda. Finally, the brand has limited scents, once they are gone they are gone, allowing you the option to switch things up. The downside is if you really like one of the limited scents, once it's sold out you cannot source it anymore. My dad is still hoping for the festive pine scent to return after 2 years.

Wild Deodorant Scents. Photograph: Wild

My Honest Thoughts

We started using Wild over 2 years ago after buying it for my dad for Christmas, with my mum and I adopting it in the New Year. Despite owning the same case for over two years, it is showing very little wear. Wild suggests that each refill will last 4 weeks based on daily use, though your mileage may vary depending on how many swipes you use. Personally, I have found I can manage up to 6 weeks!

I truly enjoy using Wild deodorant and will keep a few refills in at any given time. Their refill system means if you order online, it can be posted through your letterbox and several refills will fit in the same space a typical aerosol deodorant would. Not only will your pits benefit, but so will your draws. I use Wild deodorant every morning and I do not reapply during the day. For overnight travelling or if you are heading to the gym, Wild has miniature versions which can be slipped into your pocket or overnight bag with ease.

Overall, I would thoroughly recommend Wild deodorant and it rates 5/5 from me. While there is an upfront cost associated with refill deodorants like Wild, the durable case will not let you down.

Wild deodorant is available here; students who use Student Beans get 25% off their first purchase.