My Sustainable Every Day Carry - 2023

My Sustainable Every Day Carry - 2023
Photo by Matt Phillips / Unsplash

I have watched many everyday carry videos on YouTube that focus on buying many accessories. My daily carry reflects my lifestyle, and I slowly add and change things depending on where I am going or for how long. It is worth considering your commitments when making an everyday carry (EDC); students will have different requirements to someone working a 9 to 5 office job. In this post, I will go over some of the gadgets that leave the house on day trips, such as meeting with friends, with some accessories travelling to work daily. When making my EDC, I researched products that work for my lifestyle and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Please note that I have bought all these products with my own money. None of the brands or products featured here know this post has been written. I do not have any referral links on any of the products listed.

Roka Canfield C - Graphite Rucksack (Medium)

I tend to go for darker greys and black colours, as you will see through this list; however, this range from Roka London comes in different colours and sizes. I have owned this rucksack for two years, which has never failed me. The outer material is made from weather-resistant recycled nylon (triple coated), with the base material being weather-resistant canvas (triple coated). The bag has experienced lots of rain whilst sitting on my shoulders, and I have never had rain get into the bag. The medium size allows two bottles (one on each side) and a larger front pouch made from vegan leather. The bag can hold a 15" laptop, has padding around to keep your device secure, and features a velcro tab. Inside the bag has two zipped pockets where I store miscellaneous items, with the rest of the space being open to pack with a lunch box or books.

Roka Waterloo Black Recycled Nylon Umbrella

Fitting with my love of dark gadgets is my umbrella, my latest product in the collection. The umbrella closes to a compact 30cm x 5cm and opens to 92cm wide x 52cm high, allowing it to fits in my Roka bag when closed. The umbrella features weather-resistant recycled nylon (triple-coated) dual layers with air vents. It also comes with a pouch with velcro closing to store it when closed. The handle has a loop which allows me to hook it onto the back of my door next to my coat.

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Eco Chic Thermal Bottle Sea Creatures

A water bottle is essential to me; I always carry water around when I am going out for a couple of hours. The all-metal bottle can keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12 hours. I bought this bottle around the same time as my bag, and while some of the design has worn away, most remain. I have yet to use my bottle to store hot drinks as I have a reusable cup.

Eco Chic Foldable Shopping Bag Sea Creatures

Unfortunately Eco Chic appears to not be selling the design I have for the bag however they stock other styles. The bag is light weight and is made from 3 plastic bottles, according to Eco Chic's website the bag can carry a weight of 15kg. When the bag is not in use it folds to a compact size which is perfect for my rucksack.

Hunu Collapsible Coffee Cup - 8oz Grey

The Hunu cup comes in four different sizes, 8OZ, 12OZ, 16OZ and 20OZ, in four different colours. The larger two cups come with a silicon straw which fits within the cup when collapsed for storage. I chose this cup due to its compact nature as I want to avoid a sizeable bulky cup in my bag if I want a hot drink. The Hunu cup allows me to take it with me and not feel guilty about carrying it if I do not consume a hot drink. Due to the product being silicone, it does not retain heat as well as thermos flasks; however, this incentivises me to drink the contents quicker. The band around the cup acts as a heat shield and is essential to pick up the cup when filled with your favourite hot beverage. Despite silicone being very flexible, which is why the cup folds to a compact size, I have not encountered any spills though I am aware it is more fragile than metal or bamboo cups.

One Nine 5 Eco-Conscious 13" Laptop Sleeve, Miho Black

I have had this laptop sleeve for 12 months, and it has begun to show any wear. I bought this sleeve as a bit of added protection for my MacBook 13" and to keep a few sheets of paper safe from being creased. The pouch is made from Polyurethane (PU leather) with a 100% recycled polyester (rPET) inner lining. The padding to keep your laptop or tablet safe uses coconut coir & natural rubber latex. The laptop sleeve is accessed using a zip which slides along the top and down the side. The zip allows easy access to your favourite device, the small business card holder and the paperwork divider inside. One Nine 5 has partnered with TerraCycle to offer a return-to-recycle system where they will take back their products and other companies to be recycled.

One Nine 5 Eco Essentials Pouch, Miho Black

I bought this pouch simultaneously as the laptop sleeve as part of a bundle. One Nine 5 sells this pouch and laptop sleeve in several different colours. The pouch is made from the same materials as the laptop sleeve, Polyurethane (PU leather) outer with 100% recycled polyester (rPET) inner lining. The pouch has an easy open zip to access the compartments within. Inside is a small zipped compartment where I store USB adapters. The pouch also features two small pockets where I have a USB-C to lightning cable and a USB-C to USB-C cable. The opposite side, where the demo picture from One Nine 5 shows the Apple mouse and SD card, has two loops for a pen and pencil and three different-sized storage loops. I store the pouch in the front of my bag where the vegan leather buckle sits.

The products listed below are some items I keep in my pouch.

Belkin Boost Charge Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger 10K

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable - 1 Metre

Wild Deodorant Mini

Pentel P200 Pencil - 0.5mm lead

Ugreen Nexode 30W USB C Plug PD 3.0 Fast Charge Foldable GaN Charge

Ugreen 100W PD Fast Charger 4K 60Hz 10Gbps Data Lead USB C to USB C Cable

Satetchi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch