A Three Month Review of AllBirds Trail Runners SWT

A Three Month Review of AllBirds Trail Runners SWT
A person stood on a fallen tree wearing All Birds Trail Runners SWT in Black. Photograph: AllBirds

In this review of the AllBirds Trail Runners SWT, we will be running through what the Trail Runners offer.

Does this brand live up to its eco-friendly promise? Will their shoes provide support to your feet walking over various terrain?

You’ll have to read on to find out…or just read our quick summary

Person wearing All Birds Trail Runners SWT in Black. Photograph: AllBirds



AllBirds Trail Runners SWT are my go-to daily shoes for walking to the shops and walking off the beaten track around my home and on holiday.


  • Made with vegan materials
  • Various sizes for men and women
  • All cardboard packaging
  • Water-resistant design
  • Range of colours.


  • The brand does not operate many physical stores; people might not be able to try the shoes on
All Birds Trail Runners SWT in Black. Photograph: AllBirds

Who Are AllBirds?

AllBirds produce shoes for men, women, and children alongside a small range of activewear. AllBirds manufacture shoes without flashy logos and senseless details. Instead, the brand focuses on comfortable shoes made from natural materials designed to be practical. While many brands opt for cheaper synthetic fabrics; AllBirds has taken a stance against this, using merino wool alongside other elements (see materials category). Lastly, AllBirds is a certified B Corporation, meeting strict environmental guidelines.

What are AllBirds Trail Runners SWT

AllBirds Trail Runners are advertised and listed as an active shoe with features including a sturdy outsole grip for hiking trails and a snug sock-like collar, which blocks debris. The shoe also features a tear-resistant ripstop mudguard to protect your feet from tough terrain. The following description is how AllBirds describe this signature pair of shoes.

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AllBirds created the shoes with rugged trails in mind; the shoe is designed to be durable, comfortable, and perform well across many terrains. The high performance of the shoe allows you to explore the unbeaten path thanks to a breathable one-piece upper featuring durable ripstop protection, rugged, all-condition traction, stabilising midsole support, and a sock-like collar that blocks debris. AllBirds SWT (Sugar, Wool, Tree) represent the combination of the cushion of SweetFoam, the comfort of wool, and the breathability of eucalyptus tree fibre. Their catchline and branding is on the natural rubber outsole, made from nature, for nature.

Side view of All Birds Trail Runners SWT in Black. Photograph: AllBirds

What Materials Are Used To Make AllBirds Trail Runners SWT?

AllBirds states on the product page that the Trail Runners are made from the following:

  • FSC-certified TENCEL™ Lyocell (eucalyptus tree fibre) and ZQ Merino Wool blend upper
  •  ZQ Merino wool and recycled polyester ripstop 
  •  SweetFoam® midsole made with sugarcane-based green EVA
  •  FSC-certified natural rubber outsole
  •  Bio-based TPU seam tape and heel counter
  •  Bio-based nylon eyelets
  •  Shoelaces made from recycled plastic bottles
  •  Castor bean oil-based insole foam

What Are the Colour and Size Options Available?


The men's Trail Runners SWT are available in sizes 7–13 in the UK. The men's style currently has five different colours: Natural Black (Black Sole), Medium Grey (Light Grey Sole), Medium Grey (Rugged Khaki Sole), Diablo (Red Sole) and Hazy Pink (Hazy Mauve Sole).


The women's Trail Runners SWT are available in half sizes for women, starting at size two and ending at size eight. The women's style currently has five different colours: Natural Black (Black Sole), Medium Grey (Light Grey Sole), Medium Grey (Rugged Khaki Sole), Diablo (Red Sole) and Forager White (Humid Rust Sole).

Primo Natura's Reflections.

Shoes are important to protect and support our feet on our everyday endeavours, from walking the streets or scrambling up a hill. Living in the UK and going on holiday to Scotland has taught me that if it is not raining now, it will later. Personally, I feel that many high street shoes are designed to look attractive; however do they preform well in rain, mud and rocky terrain?

After being recommended AllBirds by a friend I came across the Trail Runners which are advertised as a hiking, walking and trail running shoe. I chose a black sole as a white sole is impractical in mud. Since buying a pair of my own, my mum has bought a pair of new AllBirds and my dad got a bargain second hand pair on eBay.

I have always visited a shoe shop, tried on a pair before walking around the store to get a feel for the shoe. Unfortunately, this was not an option for me, as I bought my pair online. However, I felt reassured by the reviews saying that they are true to size and that AllBirds teamed up with Soles4Souls. Lightly worn AllBirds shoes can find a new life worldwide, helping communities in need thrive. AllBirds does recommend that if you have wide feet or prefer a roomier fit to accommodate toe splay, to go up a half size; for extra wide feet, go up a whole size.

All Birds Trail Runners SWT in Black. Photograph: AllBirds

Over the summer, I went on holiday to a remote Scottish island, allowing me to swap my usual walking around shops and paved roads for rugged terrain. If anyone is interested, I have posted images of my travels on my Pixelfed. On one of the most excellent days of the holiday, we explored a well-worn path for a few miles, which led to an old pier. As with any coastline area, there were plenty of stones (wet and dry) as well as seaweed. While I did my best to avoid the wet surfaces, the shoe supported my ankle and provided the necessary grip.

When wearing a walking or hiking shoes, you often require specialist socks, which are usually thicker than conventional ones. However, I wore regular socks beneath my jeans. During the trip, I was kneeling to get pictures, and with any walk, I accumulated mud. Despite accumulating Scottish mud, the shoes were easy to clean using an old bamboo toothbrush and water. AllBirds has produced a guide on how to wash your trainers should you wish to.

Overall, I recommend AllBirds as a brand for their environmental commitments, such as using high-quality merino wool, looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and transparency of where their goods are made. Transparency informs me that the shoes I bought are made in Vietnam and have a carbon footprint of 9.37 kg CO2e. The boots have a premium craftsmanship and minimal look, allowing me to feel confident when walking down the high street or scrambling in a forest.


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